"Ok Google" detection issue with Viber, Facebook Messenger, Skype an so on.

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Recently, I discovered an issue in my Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone, when I tried to enable "ok Google" detection for any screen.  What was the issue? First, let's take a look at the source of the problem.
Go to Setting, then My Device:

Then, select Language and Input, and after that Google voice typing:

After that, select "Ok Google" detection:

Finally, select "From any screen":

When you hit this option, then your microphone will be dead for all the calls you receive or make through Viber, Messenger and Skype. For some unknown reason, your voice would not be heard by the other end of the line. This issue occurs only in voice over internet calls. I suppose the system messes up the commands, because "Ok Google" has to be detected on any screen (including the one of the call) and at the same time, the app is waiting for some vocal input to send.
This is an Android OS issue. I hope it will be resolved soon.


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