Delete TFS credentials in WebMatrix3

If you are a user of WebMatrix 3 and have tried to open a remote website from TFS, WebMatrix can easily connect to your account and fetch all data to your local directory.

Using this service in a personal computer makes no risk. The problem arrises when a public computer hosts your local directory. WebMatrix gives you no UI choice to clear TFS credentials. Given your credentials once, WebMatrix makes connection without confirmation. You deal with an analogous situation, if you wish to change credential. No way!

Microsoft seems not to concern about it. After some search I have found out this simple solution:

Delete the cookies from this folder:


and that's it. Next time WebMatrix will ask you about credential. All from the beginning.

Important: Cookies folder belongs to protected system folders and it's hidden. You have to go to Folder Option and untick "Hide protected operating system files".

Take in mind that if you delete this file 


you only remove the TFS URL. The credentials remain. If you reinsert the same TFS Url, WebMatrix proceeds with connection immediately using the cashed TFS password.


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