How to root Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

Rooting a Xiaomi smartphone is not as simple as you think. In this post, I'll try to simplify the whole process. 

Fastboot tools

Fastboot tools and ADB drivers are necessary for communicating the smartphone and your PC. The procedure is described in detail here

Unlock the bootloader

Unlocking the bootloader is essential if one wants to then install TWRP and a different ROM. The procedure takes some time as Xiaomi grants the unlocking of the device at most 72 hours after the user requests it. The procedure is described here


Download the following zip files and copy them to the device storage:

► (download here)
►  (download here)

Flash TWRP

After you unlock the bootloader, Redmi Note 4 is ready to be flashed with TWRP. Download the installer here to PC. Then, 

► Rename the file into twrp.img
► Copy the file into the minimal ADB and fastboot folder. 
► On your device, go to Settings -> About, find the Build Number and tap on it 7 times to enable developer settings. Press back and go into Developer Options and enable USB debugging.
► Connect the smartphone to the PC using a USB cable.
► From PC, open a command prompt and type: "adb reboot bootloader".
► Then, run command "fastboot flash recovery twrp.img"

After this procedure, TWRP will be flashed immediately. 

Flash SuperSU

Now we are ready to root the phone. As the first boot (after the previous procedure) might restore the built-in recovery and cancel the flashing of TWRP, one should boot into TWRP recovery mode immediately. For this purpose, 

► Run "fastboot boot twrp.img" or disconnect device from PC and press the power button and volume up button together.
► After the device boots to TWRP recovery, flash SuperSU.
► Then, flash the
► Reboot. The device may reboot twice.  

Now the device is rooted. Note that any system updates may cancel the root and you need to repeat the above procedure, because of the official ROM. Unless you flash a custom ROM.


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